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EECA Approved EECA Approved Tyres
ENERGYWISE approved tyres must meet performance benchmarks for both fuel efficiency and wet braking (stopping distance in the wet). Goodyear has substantiated their performance using internationally accepted test methods and standards.
View the full details of Dunlop's range of Enerygwise approved fuel efficient tyres here
  Tyre Features
Fuel Saver Fuel Saver
By using the latest technologies and an advanced silica tread compound fuel saver tyres allow drivers to drive further on the same tank of petrol.
Wet Weather Wet Weather
Wet weather tyres give greater performance on wet roads.
Durability Durability
Tyres that are exceptionally durable will display this mark. These tyres incorporate a wider tread profile that leads to an increased road footprint and more wearable rubber in contact with the road.
Sports Performance Sports Performance
These tyres are exceptional for higher performance cars and provide superior handling and control.
Superior Braking Superior Braking
Tyres with this icon are able to break even in wet conditions.
Grip Grip
These tyres have treads that provide an excellent concentration of blades across the contact patch for maximum grip. Greater grip increases breaking and driver control.
Handling Handling
Tyres with this mark have increased driver handling on a variety of New Zealand road conditions.
Quiet Quiet
Tyres with this icon are some of the quietest tyres on the market and reduce noise significantly.
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