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Dunlop in New Zealand
Prior to the 2006 closure of the Upper Hutt plant Dunlop was New Zealand's leading tyre manufacturer with a history in New Zealand dating back over 100 years. It has played a key role in the development of New Zealand, providing not just tyres but a range of other rubber products needed for an expanding economy.

Dunlop tyres are sourced from Australia and from Dunlop plants all around the world. Tyres continue to be exported from Upper Hutt to Countries worldwide

Dunlop has a proud and successful motorsport heritage in New Zealand, since the earliest beach and cinder track motorcycle races, through to many of today's premier motorsport events. The Dunlop Motorsport service tent will be found at most major events providing technical knowledge, advanced racing tyres and service to race and rally competitors.

Dunlop New Zealand timeline
Dunlop opened its first office in New Zealand, based in Christchurch selling mainly cycle tyres and tubes. Dunlop NZ was a branch of Dunlop Australia until the rights were bought back by the English Dunlop company in 1929.

The head office moved to Wellington and the company was granted the right to establish a factory in Christchurch to manufacture rubberware for the dairy industry, cycle tyres, retread rubber, battery boxes and hot water bottles.

The company "Dunlop New Zealand Limited" was formed

New tyre manufacturing factory established at Upper Hutt producing car, truck, tractor and small earthmover tyres, supplying the growing car assembly industry and providing tyres for the major hydro electrical, highway and other construction projects of the time. Dunlop also produced tyres for Goodyear under contract.

New technology saw the introduction of the radial ply tyre and the advent of the SP 49, and then the famous Dunlop Aquajet.

Dunlop NZ entered the retread business. Four years later bought Reliance Tyre & Rubber Company, providing additional retreading factories and an entry into tyre retailing. By the end of the 60's Dunlop NZ were involved in the manufacture of a range of other products including rubber mattresses, golf balls and sporting equipment and bought a small foundry making moulds for the NZ retreading industry

The first Upper Hutt manufactured steel radial tyres sold

Industry restructuring saw the acquisition of Reidrubber including its aero retreading plant in Christchurch.

Australian company Pacific Dunlop Ltd took over the New Zealand business from its UK parent and minority shareholders.

The South Pacific Tyres joint venture between Pacific Dunlop Ltd and Goodyear Tire and Rubber Corp of the USA was formed. Dunlop New Zealand sold its non tyre businesses to Pacific Dunlop and joined with Goodyear NZ to form South Pacific Tyres NZ Limited.

South Pacific Tyres ceases production of new tyres in New Zealand, Upper Hutt Factory closes.

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